04 December 2011

An Ode to 'Togetherness'

I do not usually shoot for a theme on the streets. It is however, not surprising, that there are underlying themes running through street photographs. And when I looked through my street photographs from beautiful city of Sydney, I was a bit surprised how many of the photographs were a silent 'ode to togetherness' - of couples spending time together in parks, walking hand in hand and sharing a special moment. Some of these maybe seem familiar from an earlier post, I hope you enjoy the lovey dovey redux.

An old couple, holding hands and  looking through an open door, curious perhaps.
Open Door... ?

Just as the I walked over to the Rocks (the old City, next to Sydney Harbor), I looked back to see this couple, alone but together
Just us

A dark alley and they walk home (perhaps), hand in hand.
Dark Alleys

and these two after a friday evening shopping, the friends (in the background) have found what they were looking for - yes!
yess left

And some last moments together for this couple, gave me this beautiful moment of togetherness
Together for a moment

It does look like the Rocks, Sydney is a favorite with those who wish to spend some time together. What are your favorite places where you like (d) to hang out with your other half.

PS: lemme see how many from mumbai let me into their secret. Can't wait to build this theme in Mumbai now.


7sunita3 said...

loved the combination of words & pix mayank.. its just wonderful...loved every pic.. :) :)

Cloudninetalks said...

Amazing! The first picture and the last one are stunning. Too good, Mayank:)

Kaushal (KP) said...

Well put together Mayank! That last image looks like it was shot with kodachrome film. I think I like the 4th one the most because of the perfect timing.

mayankpandey said...

Thanks Kaushal. That you remind me of film makes me want to give myself a christmas gift :-)

Zephyr said...

That was one good picture essay, the kind I love about your blog. Loved the old couple in the first pic. (Obviously, do you say :) ?)

Shas said...

Loved the entire set and your words added magic to those stills.
Keep it up!

joshi daniel said...

nicely done and loved the idea!

mayankpandey said...

thanks Z. I know why you liked the first pic, you are just fond of good looking couples. :-)

Andrew Graeme Gould said...

This is a great series, with a subject matter that's close to my heart, as these were shot in an area of Sydney that I often used to go to when I lived there. They're all well done, but if I had to choose, I'd go for the first two, myself.

mayankpandey said...

Andrew - am glad you like them and I could revive some fond memories for you. thanks for your comments.

Umashankar Pandey said...

Somewhere, over the rainbow. Incidentally, they are all gorgeous captures.

mayankpandey said...

Thank you. Show me where this rainbow is :)

Hindi Sms said...

Thanks for the write up! Also, I noticed that your RSS feeds aren’t working. Could you take a look at that? BTW,Amazing blog!