08 March 2013

A Newbie Again

I feel like the newbie again. Shooting in streets after months (maybe a year almost). Making eye contact with stranger feels hard, and raising the viewfinder to eyes just a wee bit difficult. It feels like I have just started shooting in streets. 

Its not as if everytime one steps out, you come back with keepers (photographs you wish to keep), but the whole process of shooting itself is pleasurable. It wasn't to be this time. I felt jaded and rusted. It was only after an hour that it felt a bit better.
Smiling Eyes - Mumbai
At the end of the day, it was evident that it was time to get back. Back on the streets, observing and shooting. Capturing stories. And when I have stories to share, the blog would be updated more often. 

Would be great to hear from you all... so do drop in a word or two. 

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Manu Katyaayan said...

Welcome back.... it seems many of us took a sabbatical for an year, me being one of them.