12 December 2011

Hands that can see - Joe Wigfall

"Anytime you have people and they are alive, you are gonna have something going on"
Featured photographer Joe Wigfall, Street Photographer from NewYork.Joe Wigfall can see with his hands. Never lifting his camera to his eye, he shoots hundreds of photos during his lunch hour or walking to the train after work. A true artist, Joe brings a bit of himself into each of his photographs. He's the winner of WNYC's Street Shots Challenge.

"When you put camera to  your face, you are blinded to whole lot thats going on. I had to learn to see with my hands"

If someone has looked impressive with ability to frame shots from hip, chest, arms as Joe says, and get these results, you have to believe its possible.. Joe calls himself an artist. He says, if he did not do anything about it, it would corrode a part of him. He very passionately says, that you do not kill a part of yourself just because you can't make a living out of it. " I am an artist, thats who I am" he says. What a great message for all those who feel trapped in their day jobs. You do not have to - there is always a space for doing what you love to do. 

Enjoy this video and check out more of Joe's work on flickr. Also check out his interview on Eric Kim Blog 

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Updated 17 Dec2011 
Joe Wigfall, sent me email with his message. He said for some unexplained reasons he wasn't able to leave a comment.
 "Mayank, I just wanted to thank you again for this surprise spread on your blog. I visited your amazing country two years ago, but didn't get a chance to go to Mumbai, (although one day I hope to be able to), but I was able to shoot a little street work while I visited in the North (Guwahati) . I found the street flow amazing. Mind you, I don't always shoot from the hip (or through my hands), but it works for me when I don't want to draw focus to myself. Since most digital cams have visual screens in the back, it's now easier to set up shots and compose beforehand how I would like to see any particular moment, but the correct timing is the most important factor in shooting this way. I'm no traditionalist when it comes to shooting. I'm more of a combat soldier--so whatever it takes to get the shot, I do it and get the shot. Thanks again Mayank."


Spiderdama said...

I do the same thing when I photograph on the street.. I do not lift my camera to my eye.., but I am not that good..:-)
Thanks for that you share this and other good tips on Twitter:-) 

PKTalli said...

OMG! I love this man....Joe...How so true...I wish I could meet him some day, I think like him <3

mayankpandey said...

@chintan - We can invite him to mumbai, you just have to travel down to mumbai as well.

mayankpandey said...

Joe Wigfall, sent me a message, its added as part of the post above.

Andrew Graeme Gould said...

A great shot, with a real feel for the street! Interesting video, too.