18 November 2011

Street Photography at Chowpatty, Mumbai

Chowpatty, is a well known tourist spot in south Mumbai. The place is quiet crowded in the evenings, with locals as well as tourists thronging the small beach. No one really notices or minds anyone carrying a camera and its easy to pass off as a tourist. It is a great place to find interesting characters, family & kids having a great time. Some of the shots that did not get posted earlier.

Kids love the place, and elders love playing with kids
Look ma - what did we unearth
 When kids play, they really look like they are having a great time, until one of them chooses to wear a message
Get Along??
 Hard at work, building castles and digging tunnels.
Kids at Work
Taking a dip in water is lot of fun, while the grown ups would rather derive hair splitting inspiration by looking at the horizon. 
Everyone loves the sea
After a dip
Even a toy car seem to find no favor.
Business - No Good?
Business No Good
All in all, Chowpatty is a busy (buzzing) place.
Chowpatty Buzz
Your feedback / comments / brickbats are welcome. Do you like any particular photograph specifically. Please do share which one and why?

You can see more of my street photography from Mumbai here and some more photographs from Chowpatty here.
© Mayank Pandey -  Some Rights Reserved


Saru Singhal said...

Lovely composition...
And, I love what is written on that kids T...:)

mayankpandey said...

Thanks Saru. Great message indeed.

Georgie Mathew said...

"look ma, what did we unearth" .. really looks like the kid is saying that. well captioned.. I like the second image as well..

Andrew H said...

I particularly like the sandcastle shot. The perspective is excellent, there is a lot of fun in the shot with the heads buried in the sand and of course it brings back memories of doing the same on the beach at Barry ISland when we were kids. Nice set, Mayank.

Zephyr said...

I liked the one where the kids are running out of the water after a dip. Look at the joy on their faces. they don't see the filth but enjoy the fun. It is the grown ups who split hair and ponder about these things.

mayankpandey said...

thanks georgie. 

mayankpandey said...

thanks Andrew - always good to hear from you.

mayankpandey said...

True, there is no greater pleasure but watching and being with kids. Life is simple and fun for them. Talking about hair.. :-)

Kaushal said...

very nice collection Mayank.  i much prefer when you post a few images together rather than one at a time.  Like all but i think the last 3 are my favourite.

mayankpandey said...

thanks Kaushal. Yep, i also think series of photographs work better than single posts. The story of a place is much better.

Nimish said...

wonderful series. I really want to explore Chowpatty after seeing your and Kaushal's work now;) Loved the first two photographs and 'Business No Good':)

mayankpandey said...

Nimish - we should plan shoot some day. It would be great to catch up.

Andrew Graeme Gould said...

These are great shots, and they just happen to be in my favourite style! (No contradiction in "street shots" at the beach, either.)

mayankpandey said...

@andrew - good to hear from you. And thanks for your comments. Oh well if there can be a Coney Island, I can have my Chowpatty Beach as well.

Swpnyl M said...

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mayankpandey said...

Can drop me email at mayank211 at gmail.com

Vj Sharma said...

This is first time I visited your blog and not able to get out of it because the way you have presented various steerts through Black n White shots is amazing.

Great work and keep it up !!!

mayankpandey said...

Thanks Vijay - i do hope I would continue to get feedback from you.

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