02 February 2011

Being Together

Being together - is all that matters

Sometimes "Being Together" is all that matters. Sometimes, a story is best left untold. 


magiceye said...

beautifully soft image

zephyr said...

What is left untold is what is profound,

anoop said...

very good composition and a perfect candidate to be monochromed. are they eating something? :)

R-A-J said...

And in other news.... :)

Hey Mayank,

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Mayank said...

@magiceye - thanks
@Zephyr - rightly said. Its difficult to state the profound anyways :0)
@anoop - I dont remember they eating something. And thanks for your tips. I would write to you for more details.
@Raj - Didnt get your line! but yes i did promote your blog. Nice post on freeze moment

Purba said...

It's such a beautiful capture.

ritika said...

could me my current frame of mind, or the weather, but it's a beautiful sad image. and image that says, "sweety we are not meant to be, it's not you, it's me." but beautiful indeed.

Mayank said...

@purba - thanks
@Ritika - Its best that we each find our own story in the images. Another day another time, this would probably be equally romantic. Thanks for your first visit, hope to see you again.

suvodeb said...

Lovely image, Mayank - you kind of know what they're thinking just looking at the picture.

Romeo Das said...

Really a beautiful piece of photography. Thanks for sharing :)

Hope you enjoy reading my post too - To hold you in my arms, to promise you my love!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

nice pic n great caption

pramod said...

amazing pictorial.
it really sets the mind thinking.

Mayank said...

I hate that I cant reply to you individually in default blogspot design.
@Pramod - hmm thanks
@Shrinidhi - thanks
@Romeo - pleasure is mine. I will come back and read your post promise.
@Suvo - its amazing how same images evoke different emotions in different people. Goes on to show, our mind is a superb piece of equipment nature gifted us.