25 February 2011

Ahh.. the super svelte beauty

friendly neighbor .. just let them be

"Indian Rat Snake"
Shot at Yeoor Hills (Sanjay Gandhi National Park), Mumbai on a weekend shoot with MWS Group
A few kms from the most populated northern suburbs in sprawling Metropolis of Mumbai is this amazing  reserve with whispering rivulets , singing birds and our friend like above galore.

Lets deconstruct the photograph a bit
- The bokeh looks too good for 1855mm lens and no i have not photoshopped. Its because the distance between the subject and the background foilage is quiet large
- This is heavily cropped, shot this from atleast 4-5 feet away. Shooting in raw helped
- yes, i notice some details on snake top are lost (i need to check if i contributed during PP)
and finally, no i am not the reflection in the snakes eye :-p

Isn't she super svelte!! Mallika can go take a hike :-D
Comments and Critique welcome.


Purba said...

Thank God I wasn't nearby. My shrieks would have scared it away!

But beautiful shot as usual.

Mayank said...

@purba - she is friendly. looks deceive all the time, even in animal world. :)

zephyr said...

Hey Mayank, unable to see the pic. Any probs?

Mayank said...

Sorry to hear about that. There are things that i do not completely understand in blogging.. i just lost the share buttons on the blog and cant seem to find out why!
I think since i link the images from flickr, if flickr.com is down the images wouldnt load. Maybe i should instead load on blogger directly!! Hope you would try again..

umashankar said...

That's right. Blogger or Wordpress would serve you better. And while you are at it, can you please have a Gravatar/Profile Picture?

Mayank said...

@US- didnt get what you meant by that. Am already on blogger. Will wordpress be better. Well yes, i will get a profile picture soon. :-)(now that you have pointed out I do not have much left in terms of hiding my ugly face from my readers)

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee chowdhury said...

Something so dangerously beautiful about it

Mayank said...

@Maitreyee - thanks. One needs to be careful for sure. Rat snakes are not poisonous though! :-)