04 November 2010

Of colors and colors. 

Colors add mood to an image. blue is soothing& peace, yellow is joy & optimism,  red is warm & passion, green is healing, white is pure & simple, black is dark. Without colors, photography would be so uni-dimensional. (The images posted here are not mine, and i do not claim any credit. The credit is provided through links to photographers and source)

Fields of Colors (can you count em)
Photo credit (by Allard One)

How soothing is my green!
Photo credits Halah

Red is passion
Photo credits Halah

Nature .. as you please.
Photo Credits: David

Fall.. shades of orange, yellow, red, green,
Photo Credits: Fairywild

The sky is so blue
Photo Credits: Diwan

Another blue palette - coz blue is my fav color
Photo Credits: saraamesmontague

yellow yellow .. happy fellow
Photo Credits: LHDumes

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Eric Kim said...

Beautiful examples mayank--thanks for sharing these inspirational images with us! :)