24 September 2010

From my old diary..

Rummaging through old diaries, letters and journals is an interesting experience. It floods back memories from years back... carefree days with friends, school day crushes, college flings and unsuccessful (usually) attempts to being philosophical. 

I had some good laughs too as i went through my old diaries recently, i saved some stuff (don't know why) and threw away some. During my college I (attempted to) write poems - i couldn't throw these so I thought of posting it here. I found these online on a website i had posted years back. So here they come. 

Deja Vu

Those words spoken,once again
The feelings i guess are very same
nothing has changed, as you 
walk away again.
I breathe, I eat & I 
stare at myself.
I laugh, I cry just the same.
I hate you one moment
and realise, never loved anyone more.
I wish i could blame you,
realise its only and all my fault.
Want to reach out, touch you,
hold you and cry
Night falls again and i stay awake
wasn't all this very same, LAST TIME

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