27 October 2015

Happiness - is it a state of mind, a place or....

If Happiness is a place ... it has to be Bhutan. A small country in Himalayas , east of India.

Read about this Himalayan kingdom on wiki

With this post, I attempt to revive this blog. Well the intentions is to really come back to this blog and treat it as a journal of significant updates about my photography and street photography in general.

Over last 2 years (almost), i am sure the blog has suffered and would have lost following, however, its never too late for anything.

The post is about people from Bhutan and as is customary in Bhutan, let me begin with very handsome king and beautiful queen of Bhutan. Bhutanese are good looking folks, as you will also notice in the photographs.

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.& Queen Jetsun Prema

Local - many are almost always engrossed in prayers

A young Monk.
Buddhist Nun - Shot in a nunnery in Thimpu. She laughed and told me she is not good looking with so many wrinkles. 

This post is after months. And I know photo-street deserves more. I also think its time, I collaborate with fellow photographers, that is probably the only way i will be able to do justice to the readers and to this blog. 

Share your feedback - the brickbats as well. And do drop in a message if you would like to use this space to share your views on photography.

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