10 October 2011

Sydney - yeah the quintessential shot

Sydney Harbor

Quintessential Sydney .. yep the Opera and Harbor bridge will also be posted shortly. This one shot from Sydney Opera House overlooking the harbor and the CBD.

Sydney would perhaps rank as one of the best cities I have traveled to. Pity all I had time to was to shoot for 3 hours one evening. Bad weather did not help either.

I love this shot not just because it reminds me of Sydney but because it was shot handheld at 1/13 secs ( I had to literally hold my breath). I also love how the walkways and the lighted roads give it depth. Hope you like it too. Watch the space, I would soon be posting  more shots from this trip. And as always - thanks for your comments / feedback/ brickbats / ; each of them very precious.


Spiderdama said...

I like it very much. All these small lights and big buildings. I have never been there..
Thanks for you visit and nice comments:-)

Cloudninetalks said...

Again, an amazing picture, Mayank! Awaiting other pictures from your Sydney trip:)

Georgie Mathew said...

Hi Mayank,
I agree with you, the photos of considerable longer exposures, which you nail in-hand are precious :)

Enjoy your trip..

Sydney Frift said...

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Debarati Gangopadhyay said...

Amazing photography Mayank.

Kaushal said...

Nice shot! Great idea to convert to b&w.  Makes the shot stand really out from other sydney harbour shots.

mayankpandey said...

Hi Debarati, thanks. How have you been? Long time.

PK Talli said...

How much ever weather try to kill your photography, you do not succumb. Mayank, such an under rated  blog this is!!

:) Please to market.

mayankpandey said...

yep i will. When i started blogging the mantra was - Build good content, the traffic will follow. I hope am doing that well enough.

Rishi B said...

I love this pic... i never seem to get right

mayankpandey said...

Thanks. Let me know if you need any inputs. Happy to share . :-)