29 October 2011

"Being in the Moment" Steve McCurry - One Minute Master Class

The guys at Phaidon, are doing this one minute MasterClass series, with the Master, Steve McCurry himself. Steve, the renowned photographer started his career by illegally crossing over to Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion and coming back with photographs unseen till then. His famous Afghan Girl - National Geographic photograph made him a household name and today he is regarded as one of the finest image makers. You could watch the masterclass series here #2 The importance of Vantage Point and #3 Be in the Moment. This is going to be a 10 video series so I would suggest you bookmark this now. I would post the other links as they come.

While Steve has made photographs world over, his work in Asia, South Asia specially his coverage of war striven Afghanistan, and India resonates with folks from India.

Talking about his time in India he said, it was in India he learnt the art of wait and watch life. 'If you wait, people will forget your camera and soul will drift up in view', he said.

Here are some of great photographs shot in India, the ones I really like. For more please feel free to visit Steve's Blog and his website. All photographs posted here are Copyrighted by Steve McCurry.

CopyRight Steve McCurry

Copyright Steve McCurry - Goa
Rajasthan (Copyright Steve McCurry)

Copyright Steve McCurry

Copyright Steve McCurry

Copyright Steve McCurry
I hope you enjoyed the post. Be inspired and keep shooting.

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Cloudninetalks said...

Wow! that is some amazing photography!

Zephyr said...

Loved the last three the best. The child's look is priceless!

mayankpandey said...

Indeed. From the master - puts photography into perspective. Hain na.

tan said...

Liked the video message. And each picture speaks out a story when you look at it! Thanks.

mayankpandey said...

Oh yeah they do. Steve is indeed a master.

Shas said...

Indeed, an inspiring collection. Thanks for sharing them.
Can look at each of them for hours together and not tire.

umashankar said...

The locomotive with the Taj in the background is a killer!