15 June 2011

Anti Corruption - The real issue

I don't have the gift of gab to articulate or put forth logical arguments. I am no follower of Baba, neither of Anna Hazare. But as someone, who sits on the sidelines, yet hopes for change (for good), I miss why people in general and media in particular are so focused on who is standing up and what their methods are forgetting the cause. Weren't there different ideologies and means to achieve the independence. Satyagrah, Diplomacy, even militancy.

Shouldn't more focus be put on what this state, the elected government is doing and not doing. We deserve a more accountable government, but in last one month or so all we have heard from this govt is RSS agents, unelected tyrants, undemocratic processes and so on. Why is no media or groups other than IAC or for that matter even BRD standing up. I am sure this country has more clean, learned, educated people who have means & charisma & most importantly courage to stand up against what is not right. Why wouldn't writers like you talk about the core issue rather than everything else.

As I said, am just another grain in the sand, who for once believed that I will be part of historical change, sadly a hope that is dwindling every passing day. I and am sure many other common citizens of this country have a simple choice to make, do we need to make the state machinery, systems corruption free or not. Then why should there be so much debate. Is it not fair that we stand up against the media, the state, and all those who are diverting the focus away from the real issue. This country and its citizens deserve better, cleaner and more accountable governance. If legislation is not the only answer in that direction, it is definitely an important start.

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Cloudninetalks said...

Thoughtful post Mayank. This country and its people deserve more transparence in governance. Also, we need a Government that is accountable. Why would the press be left out of the draft meetings is anybody's guess...Sadly, we might not see light at the end of the tunnel:(((

zephyr said...

I have been to write a post on this issue for some time now, but have been so dejected with the way the government is steamrolling everyone and everything that comes in its way -- including parroting the line of RSS mask and so on, that my fingers have remained quiet. I share the anguish as one who had highlighted the people's movement hoping for something to emerge.

mayankpandey said...

Zephyr - Please do not sit quiet. Let your pen raise some issues. Please do. We started well, but I have a feeling that like you most of us are dejected and have, probably given up. We shouldn't. If we do, the state wins. Their ulterior motives are served. And the only movement that this country saw that united all of us will die a slow death. I heard that there were raids on Anna village, ralegaon. Media once again chooses to stay quiet. I am sure they are sold. There is no doubt in my mind after the Barkha Dutt episode that came to light. 
I see Indiblogger holding contests on beauty et al, shouldn't we urge them to have one on this issue. IAC with all its weaknesses that has come to fore, needs public support to take forward the agenda which is so noble. Give  it a thought please.

mayankpandey said...

Anguish more than thoughful cloudnine. But can we all buckle up and not let it die just so soon. As I shared with Zephyr, we all are to support this in whatever way we can. Writers - please write. Bloggers - blog, Reporters - report. And so on. 
I heard an advertisement today on Radio by Lexi Pens. It talks of an appeal by common man to the prime minister saying that the public has already passed the lokpal bill and so on. I thought that was very noble. How many corporates in this country today have the guts to come out in open and show solidarity with people. They will not ... and hence for Lexi Pens - have super respect in my heart. I hope more happens like this. For now, can I request you to dedicate a blog post to this cause. And lets tag all posts. Let more people read and write. Am adding a request for you and Zephyr and am sure you will oblige.

Purbaray said...

That we are expressing our disgust at the state of affairs, demanding accountability  - is this not a start?  How about let me be the change I want to see?

The UPA has let us down with it's weak leadership but show me a better alternative. Politics is murky, most politicians are disgusting  but how many of us will venture out of our comfort zones and volunteer our services!

Why, we don't even have time for our local RWA.

mayankpandey said...

Purba point well made. I agree. The fervor and emotions should be equally
saved for national and local issues alike. Local RWA or Lokpal bill.
Am however, not sure if its just about weak leadership of UPA today.
Corruption has always been an issue and across the parties. And thats one
reason why its even more important that this issue remains independent of
the political bias and whether UPA or any other crook addresses the issue at
thanks for dropping by.

Andrew Graeme Gould said...

So well stated. A democracy in name is not enough...

mayankpandey said...

@andrew - thanks. This is sorry state of affairs.