28 February 2011

We changed our look!

Sorry folks, I have been kind of struggling with my earlier template that I had been using. Much though I liked the visual look, it being a free template had its own limitations and for someone who doesn't feel completely comfortable with HTML and what not - I have chosen to switch back to standard black blogspot template till I figure out a) what looks do I want for my blog and b) where do I move this blog to - Wordpress, Own Domain or be here.

I can't help but this 'keeda' (insect) within me wouldn't let me be satisfied with vanilla visuals.. Let me know what you have to say. Till I figure it out, this is how we will look!! 


Purba said...

Self hosted domain on WP is a good idea.

suvodeb said...

Mayank - this black background goes well with most images...having said that, let me know how you get along with deciding on a template / domain...I'm wrestling with the same thing...also, I'd like to link all my blogs together.

anoop said...

self hosted blog on wordpress platform any day, well, you already knew my answer, didn't you? :p

there are umpteen number of templates (themes in wordpress language) out there, you just have to select the best that would suit your presentation style. I use AutofocusPro - http://fthrwght.com/autofocus/ (paid a reasonable $15 for it).