15 February 2011

Lions and cubs .. one Valentine evening

... and thats what the party was called at my 3 year olds Play School. Lion for the Papa and Cub for the kiddo - I guess. Surprising choice for the party on the Valentine Day. It was my first trip to my sons school alone with him and well it was an interesting evening. Not completely comfortable, I must admit, but yes, interesting and thats why I choose this word. Am not sure if some of you who read this have experienced this, but for posterity sake, here is what made the evening interesting.

When most of the men were winding up the day in office, booking a restaurant for the dinner or wondering where they would pick a bunch of roses to ensure they don't get nagged for next 1 year (yeah thats what it boils down to finally), I was driving to my kiddo school with a little sleepy 3 year old to spend next 2 hours with his teachers and hoping they were good looking ! (c'mon guys - i know thats what on your mind right now). 

Lions, err.. i mean fathers came in all shapes and sizes, the young and fit who *as always* did not let go this opportunity to flaunt their upper arms and the newly acquired tattoo from last Goa Trip. And the ones, who on the wrong side of shape, suddenly acquired new found skills of knocking off few inches from their waist with few deep breaths pushed out.

The teachers on their part were making the most of the party, what with all the cubs and the lions flocking around. Grooving to music just got a new meaning, even attracting the few unshapely lions who till this time were preferring to loiter in the corners. It was an interesting 'melee' of shaking heads, gyrating hips, and waving hands.. oh well before you let your imagination wild - it was mostly kids and kids with their fathers on the floor.

I also met few of my kiddo friends. One lanky - really thin fella, probably 3 was all excited on meeting sonny and very soon I see both of these gesticulating with their hands and mouthing some words in unknown language or so it seemed at first. I did manage to figure that they were role playing 'Power Rangers'. I have to block my calendar to catch on the latest stuff on hungama, or else I loose my limited capability to comprehend this generation.

I figured out a few things about my kid that evening. He is quiet clear who is a friend and who is a foe, as he kept telling me "Papa Dia is NOT my friend" when I attempted to make some friendly talk with this little girl with curls. I wish, I could keep my life so simple. 

I also figured out that my sonny is not found of dancing e(a)t al(l), much though he likes humming the Sheilas and the Munnis songs. He probably would be more of a singer than a dancer. *Alrite Mayank, stop worrying about what he would be  in HIS life*

At about 6:30 pm, about half an hour before the official close of the party, I started noticing few lions making a move towards the exit. Not sure if they had anything better planned for the Valentine evening or they were just plain bored. I was indeed indeed in the latter stage and quickly convinced my cub to leave - it was time for some bite I told him.

All in all it was a nice attempt by the school (and yea the teachers) to let the fathers know more about the school and yea yea the pretty teachers too. In the process, we, me and my cub shared some interesting moments, i know him better now and am sure he knows me better too. 

PS: Please do not ask me any embarrassing question about my participation levels in the event, I wouldn't answer any of them. And in case any of Sid's teachers are reading this - when can we have the next Lions Party, please!


Purba said...

Interesting evening and thanks to the school's endeavour you were Lion for a day.

Must have had a roaring time.

So did the wifey get the roses?

Mayank said...

Purba - am afraid no. I choose the usual stuff - each day is special blah blah to cover up these. Parenting is an art and am learning everyday.. the party was definitely one such worthy experience. thanks for dropping by.

umashankar said...

That was fascinating. You do have the power to narrate. I join Purba in congratulating you for being a lion!

arun said...

Nice. I'm very used to my sonnys school..i practically went everyday for the first two months and stood outside, and Not because of all the pretty moms either( well not just that alone!)
But this experience is something else..good reading:)

Shrinath Vashishtha said...

...After all, every visit to a school is an enlightening one...! This one for you was particularly so...! Well narrated, Mayank! Cheers! :-)

zephyr said...

That was a very interesting narration and a very candid one too. I have already told you that your words are as good as your shots, but I don't mind repeating them again. Write more! And congrats on your Lion status. Happy parenting :)

Mayank said...

Zephyr - thanks again. I write on the roll.. literally as I speak. I guess not the best way but atleast makes it candid.

zephyr said...

writing on the roll is the best way to write because it is straight from the heart and so endearing.