28 February 2011

Glittering Mudflats from Mumbai

Mudflats of Sewri turn gold

Sewri (pronounced as Shivdi) was a small hamlet on the eastern shore of the Parel island, one of the original seven islands that formed Mumbai. Industrial development has lead to ugly structure, warehouses and dusty roads.

Sewri Mudflats around the Jetty surprisingly jump out of nowhere as you walk east of the Sewri railways station. A few boats and barges, now broken and lying still in muddy waters narrate stories from the era when this was perhaps a bustling industrial jetty. Now it lies rusted and unused. And thanks to that, the surrounding mangroves which were declared protected area in 1996, now are home and breeding grounds for flamingoes which make this their home from Nov - March.
1/2500 secs, ISO 200, f/6.3, 55 mm

This one gets added to the collection 'Mumbai Unseen'

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Twin boats mud stuck forever at Sewri, Mumbai


zephyr said...

beautiful pic. You really see the unusual sights in the big concrete jungle, don't you?

Purba said...

Mayank you are an extremely talented photographer.

Mayank said...

@Zephyr - oh well. I easily lapse in moments of delusion of being close to nature. I guess this is just a way of finding what am missing in life. Added another pic there.

Mayank said...

@Zephyr - any comments on blog / design/ site. You host your own!

Amropali said...

In the second picture, where the wire vanishes at a point over the sun... it reminded me of the vanity of importance. When we think we are so concretely there, but in reality even a thing millions of light years away can make us seem indistinct, almost invisible, with its mere presence.

*Sorry, I have a tendency to think subjectively(and sometimes weirdly) when I see a work of art*

Thumbs up for the second pic.

zephyr said...

What was that about commenting on the blog and design and host your own? Me no follow. Pl enlighten!

Mayank said...

@Zephyr - well i am not too happy with my blog design. you would have noted that i have changed the earlier look since i was unable to edit that template. was wondering to take your advise since you have an own site and i love your simplistic design.

zephyr said...

Thanks Mayank, but I can't take any credit for the blog design. It is all thanks to Vinni, my 'blog manager' who designs, installs plugins and makes it simple for me. He says, you just write and reply to the comments. I will take care of the rest. Who can ask for a better deal or a son, for that matter? :D