25 January 2011

Nirakara - the formless

Nirakara -  The formless
Tree Temple, Alibaug, India

Faithfuls manifest God, 'The Nirakara' in all forms - a tree temple in  Alibaug, a town in konkan, India. However, God is beyond name or form!!

Whatever takes form is false.
 Only the formless endures.

 When you understand
 The truth of this teaching,
 You will not be born again.

 For God is infinite,
 Within the body and without,
 Like a mirror,
 And the image in a mirror.

 As the air is everywhere,
 Flowing around a pot
 And filling it,
 So God is everywhere,
 Filling all things
 And flowing through them forever.

- Ashtavakra Gita 1: 18-20

Faithfuls do not really need God in a form, it is the mere mortals, those who need visual form of God - to keep the mind focussed. Forms - conjured up by human minds - the sun, the wind, the tree, the sea, the snake, the cow, the stone idol, the holy cross, the face of Mary, the facade of Mecca, the fire... in all religions, irrespective of religions. So why is one religion superior to other on these grounds. God at best is formless, since what has form can never take so many different forms as it exists across the different religions practices by human kind! 

'Faith & Faithfuls' is an interesting construct and the earlier post from this developing story is here. My photography work can also be found on flickr.


magiceye said...

so true! brilliant representation!

Purba said...

We need to keep faith just to survive.

zephyr said...

Faith is what keeps us going and if we are able to relate to God as formless, we are evolved indeed.


as you said its "NIRAKARA".....its all about faith n believe...
”poor sanyiaa”

Mayank said...

@magiceye - thanks.

@Purba - you said it. Faith however means a lot to many rather than just a support for survival.

@Zephyr - so true.

@Irfanuddin - thanks for your first feedback.