28 December 2010

How small are we

An photostory which brings forth two important aspects of photography - minimalism and processing in digital darkroom.


I find sea very fascinating, many many years back as a kid i dreamt of hopping onto a ship and going around the world. The vastness of sea, its formless yet formidable presence holds many a secrets within and is a subject of great interest to scientists & artists alike for different reasons of course.  While the fascination continues, I now connect through photography. These fisherman , small black specs against the wide expanse of sea, represents how this huge wonder provides for our sustenance. And how small are we, and how big and powerful is the force of nature. Yet we choose to ignore and even make foolhardy attempts to take natural forces head on...

A little more about this image location, this is shot in mumbai, on the Juhu Beach and yet i managed to keep away the droves of human bodies which throng the beach almost all through the day. The image has been processed to enhance the contrasts and the brightness pumped up too to bring out the stark difference between the tiny humans against the huge natural wonder. 

From a technical composition point of view, this kind of images would fall under minimalism - the art of less. I am no expert in minimalism, but to my mind its effective because the frames are simple, clean and with no distracting elements. Your eyes then tend to stick to subjects. However, to me what works best is a minimalist photograph with a story, the one that makes you raise you eyebrows, strain your eyes and touches your heart in some way. See some examples of minimalist photographs.
Exif Data 
Camera      Nikon D3000
Exposure     0.01 sec (1/100)
Aperture     f/5.6
Focal Length     55 mm
ISO Speed     200
Exposure Bias     0 EV

Processing of an image in photoshop or other image processing software is a very important component of making photographs. Those who believe SOOC (straight out of camera shots) are born on higher plain forget that those who shoot film achieve the same effect in the darkroom processing as is done in photoshop today. I am no big fan of drastic processing, but the image at the end of this post will bring out the difference in mood that one can create through different processing. 

life is grey

This is the same image, however, has been processed differently, the contrast levels are low and have used a black gradient overlay to make the shot grainy and gloomy. So this is a good example of how, my varied mood could create different visuals out of the same shot. I have attempted to bring forth this important facet of photography, often not talked and shared by photographers, no not why.

(D3100 is the equivalent of camera, i currently use and i would recommend it as a robust entry level Nikon DSLR for those interested in photography)

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Kunal Bhatia said...

I agree with what you mentioned - post processing via a software is quite similar to what one would do in a darkroom. That said, there is ofcourse nothing like getting the perfect SOOC.

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mayank said...

@kunal - thanks for your comments. SOOC would typically be JPEG formats (processed by & in camera rather outside then)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

- David

Mayank said...

@David (hoping you come back for my response). Firstly thanks for visiting and leaving feedback. Will check how to make this blog mobile friendly. Am glad to liked the writeup and hope you would visit again.

anoop said...

there are some very nice clicks on your blog.

i think, there might be some ready to use plugin that will make your blog mobile friendly. Wordpress has those!

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