12 December 2010

Hairy Tales

"Do you think, my parents will acknowledge that I have had a hair cut". I overheard this as I settled down on the chair in my usual hair cutting shop in neighborhood. The speaker was probably a 16 -17 year old kid, typical next door bloke with curly crop on his head. I knew this wasn't going to be another boring hair cutting session, where I struggle between boredom and fear of staring at my receding hairline. My eyes twinkled and ear opened a little further I am sure. 

"Does it look as if I have a hair cut?", now the question was directed to his buddy who was watching him from the corner. I picked up from the conversation that the young man had agreed to get his hair cut in return of permission to buy an accessory for his electric guitar from his parents, who have instructed him to go and get his hair cut to decent form. He obviously advised the barber to use the snip with discretion but is now unsure if he has overdone it and would be rebuked by his family.

 "Maybe its time Baba (the shop owner) should start issuing a certificate of hair cut" i chipped in - enjoying the situation to a round of laughter. The barber too offered not to take any charge for the services with an advise that should the fellow need to come back again, he would be happy to offer further cut at no extra costs. 

This must be Generation Z , I said to myself !! 

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