16 November 2010

Eating out on a Sunday Morning

Last sunday, we, as in me, my wife, mom and our 2.5 year old drove down at 1030 am to have breakfast at local cafe. Surprisingly, no comments from my mom, who is otherwise not a big supporter of spending money at eating out. "What is so special about going out and eating the same stuff at a cafe at 10 times the cost", I could almost hear her complain. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see the cafe brimming with people; couples, some families and some single guys too. Sundays are meant to laze and have late breakfasts - I told to myself, quiet convinced that I would be on the majority side. The best part of eating out for me, other than ofcourse the food is watching people. Its great fun observing people and guessing who they are and what they do. So here, i was watching this lone guy, a little disheveled (probably just walked out of bed), busy gorging on his egg and sausages. His wife probably gone out of city! And there was this phirang couple ( i still haven't figured out which part Caucasians belong to by looks ) - they looked very much in love as they constantly smiled and leaned towards each while having their leisurely coffee. There are a lot of phirangs you see these days in powai. Wonder why?

Helloo.. my wife woke me from my reverie - What are we going to have? It actually meant - tell me what should I order. I don't understand why our better halves think we could even be deciding what they would want to eat and not make a mistake as well. Well so the tough part began, I helped her choose the most exotic sounding dish on the menu "Au Gratin.. something". Mom on the other hand wanted something that looks and tastes India - Veg Cutlets with Salad was for her. For myself, I worked around to choose the loaded Cafe special - fried eggs, toast, grilled tomatoes et al. The coffee choices was easier - latte for everyone (though on hindsight I should have stuck to tea for mom), I still wonder whats the thing about black coffee that people love (without sugar as well).. 

So having navigated the tough part of ordering, we settled deeper into our cushioned chairs and waited for our stuff to land on our table. By this time the young one had become hungry and his mood is directly proportional to how full his tummy is .. so the first servings were stuffed into his mouth quickly and he soon became his jolly self again. 

Good music, vibrant surroundings, smiling people around makes the same food tastier than it does at home. So what if it was the usual friend egg and toast that I would have had at home, how do i explain the small joys of eating out to my mom, who by the end of this would have re-affirmed her belief in "eating out is a wastage of money" 

The phirang couple had by this time, finished their long empty coffee mugs; the lone stranger was long gone and the seats were replaced by others - probably catching an early lunch or just another cuppa over conversations. 

As I strolled out, I noticed, the smile and gratitude on my wifes face. We should do it more often -  i muttered to myself. 


Nimz said...

Good one Mayank! just happened to see this and read it.. infact sounds v familiar.....to me too...everything.. about us, abt the child and yes about moms too..


Vikram Karve said...

The joys of eating out - nicely narrated

mayank said...

@nimmy - thanks. Due to some setting issues, i didnt notice your comments. Appreciate and so agree with you

@Vikram - only a foodie can read between the lines. I love food and would love to connect with your writings too.