04 October 2010

"Quaint place with an old world charm" - Restaurant Venit in Panjim, Goa

Review posted on Trip Advisor 

Goa is a deluge of sensory delights and if you love food you should make it a point to visit Venit, this quaint restaurant for a relaxed hour or two of lunch. 

Located on 31st January street ... this place is easy to miss. So ask the locals and you will be directed to a door with colorful mosaic tiles and small wooden balconies overhanging on 1st floor. Check the photographs too. 

So whats great about this place
+ The building is 200 year old, while the rest around 50 years. 
+ Lovely relaxed atmosphere, the bar room with graffiti walls alone will keep you riveted.
+ Sit in the wooden balcony overlooking the street if you are there in evenings or take the bar room if in large group. 
+ The food (whatever we tried) is great.. recommend Sea food platter with beer
+ Price is reasonable, Rs 300-400 per adult including beer

Graffiti laden walls - free with lunch

What you would probably miss

- Service could be slow, but then if you are in hurry go and grab a bite at McD
- Not many options for vegetarians but you wouldnt die, enjoy the atmosphere instead.

If you have visited, venit - do share your feedback. If you haven't .. its worth your while

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