27 September 2010

Everyday Friend...

Can i rewind, undo every word said
untangle every arguement,
hold back every tear, spent waste.
Can we get back that trust, those smiles
the ease we laughed together, for nothing
and cried for each other, for everything
I hear you,today,cant shout with joy
I pass your home, stare, cant walk in
I laugh, but the socially corrrect, muted & subdued
I cry, still, but never let you know or sense
coz its not the same as before, and i cant complain
Relief fills me, that you are still 'there', as you say
just a little farther, little difficult,little stranger than before
I am glad, I have you and my beliefs intact,
In bargain, I lost, I lost my 'everyday' friend...

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