25 September 2010

Do you get the story

As a budding photographer, one often gets told ... "your photographs must tell a story". huh... are you talking about a video film is my quick reaction was. Very quickly i realized it clumsy to say that. As i shot, i always wondered that this attribute was more difficult than getting the rule of thirds, the lines, forms, perspective... Photography is very geometric ehh!

Well getting back to the story bit, well its actually not as difficult as it seemed earlier. First let us ask ourselves, why the hell should my photograph narrate a story. The "most" important and singular objective of photography is to hold the gaze of your viewer for as long as possible. So you need to attract the viewer and then hold his gaze. The longer you can the better it is. Sounds fundamental .. i am sure all marketeers would fully agree. 

So well getting back to where we were, I wanted to share some images which have a story. Its not important to have a unique story (refer above para), as long as you have a reason to hold viewers gaze, making him or her start dreaming or visualizing a story. Share an emotion, feeling, moment. Let me share some examples of images with strong story behind them (i leave it to you to think whats your story for these)

Photo credits @anoop negi
photo credits @eric kim

@mayank pandey

Some other shots, all of mine (obviously), which are not really bad 'visually' but that have nothing to say. 

Images which evoke strong emotions, feelings, of pain, awe, wonder, fear.. anything or  want you to visit the place or take you back to some of your memories.. are all telling you a story. I thought its good to close this photography article, one of the first i am writing with an image which has evoked maximum emotions in me. Click here to visit Bodh Gaya by FalsaLama

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