10 February 2010

Eat, Love, Pray...I get to Travel

Inspired by the book by Elizabeth, one i recently read, i have been thinking and only thinking how and when i can just take an year off and travel around the world. Not necessarily around half the globe or to Italy to eat but.. to far corners or India at least. Maybe it needs a lot of money to take such sabbaticals, or is it necessary to have a rich father in law?

On a little introspection and its still hard to reason out, yes it is, why do human beings find so much of excitement in exploring new places, new cultures and new food. What is in the human nature which makes it so fickle - always on the lookout for new and variety. Is it the desire to learn, or desire to survive. hard to say..

Recently, i traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, only for 2 days... maybe somewhere in my mind, having heard of numerous stories of debauchery was in a way surprised to see which looked just like bombay, crowded - humid - and full of human energy. Some pics of my trip for you all.

What amazed me further was the fact that thailand being a largely buddhist country still had remnants of hindu tradition all over the place. Ayudh palace, Samudra manthan at international airport - interestingly called as Swarnbhumi (the golden land). If some buddhist sena was there (akin to our very own shiv sena), probably they too would have forced removal of all symbols which support the minorty in the country.. tch tch.

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